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I started programming at age 13 starting with html, and MySpace. My obsession with programming started at this point and I made it a goal to learn as many programming codes as possible. After html became too easy for me, I switched to Microsoft Visual Basic codes. For about a year I programmed using Visual Basic before i switched back to web development again, but this time to get more in depth with web languages other then html.

For the past two years I have been working with PHP, Javascript, and Flash. In all my web projects I take no credit for the images (even though a few are my own), but more the functionality of the site. Each of my sites are puchased templates that look visually the best to me then I program the functions and make them work just how I want them.

Since I'm not very creative I love getting ideas from people for new projects. I'm also available for employment for personal projects or for installation of my own scripts into your template. All of my scrips are open source and free to download, donations are a great way to keep them this way! Currently I accept the following types of projects:

  • PHP & HTML Applications
  • Desktop Applications (Visual Basic Language & C++)
  • Mobile Applications (Android)
  • Flash Applications

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