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Posted on Jul 19th, 2010 at 11:32 AM 2 Comments

As all of you probably have noticed my website has gone pretty untouched by you and me for the last 2 months or so as i prepair myself for college. Just a few days ago i took a look at my site and to my amazement i had new comments by spam bots!

In an effort to keep spam bots off the site i looked into a few solutions (i added a captcha to one page), but came to the choice to integrate facebook into my website. This was by far the best choice to stop the spambots and also gave me a solution for expanding my comment sections. I figured this might also get my website out there a little more so that i can hear from more people about other projects that i should attempt to create.

For the next week i will be working on this and working out all the problems, so please be patient as the site is still Under Construction. I still have not even been able to get to my backend yet (I still have to post these blog entries using the phpMyAdmin tool).

2 Comments to “Facebook Integration!”

  1. This is the first test of the Facebook commenting system. Look for the same Facebook integration in my next project where i will be developing a full CMS!

  2. This is a test to check that the CAPTCHA is working if you did not log in via facebook. It also adds your picture because you never logged in to submit one.

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