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Posted on Jan 10th, 2012 at 0 Comments

OK so to start off with my year of blogging I figured i would start off with showing you Arduino and describing to you a little about it.

The picture you see above is of a board called Arduino Uno. This is an open source platform that allows you (or in this case me) to build simple circuits, then do the word via software that you upload to the board. This gives me an advantage by allowing me to build very complex circuits merely through code. I figured this is going to be a learning process for me and if any of you would like to join I plan on posting up all the trial codes i go through and you can follow along (or improve them as you see fit).

So before i go into to many details i figured i could first introduce everyone to the platform ill be using, as well as my site. I just recently finished developing most the backend of it so that these post are easy for me to do, and if you have not already noticed you can click on the picture above and view other pictures that i have attached to this post (for not just a few things that came with my arduino pack).

My main goal with this Arduino is to build a fully functional AR.Drone that i can fly with my android phone. As i said i will be blogging often about it and all of the code will be available for anyone else to tweak as they see fit. If i see enough push for it i will open a repository so that its easy for everyone to access the code. Feel free to post comments below, or you can keep up with me on google+ (there is a link to the right).

Thanks for visiting!

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