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Posted on Jan 14th, 2012 at 0 Comments

I realize that my blog amounts to almost nothing, actually my site amounts to almost nothing. I barely get any visitors, aside from the random guys from Europe i see now and again, but sopa is beginning to become a major problem. I have been keeping up with this and i worry more everyday that this is still floating around. Although my site may not be one of the largest on the web, or even just a germ on the web, i will be joining the other large website in blacking out on jan 18th. I strongly suggest that if any of you readers have a website of your own, no matter how large, to do the same. From 8am to 8pm on jan 18th my website will load this page. You are more then welcome to grab the source code (right click the link and click "Save as...") and join me. Lets put a stop to this!

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