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Dominion Over Demons

Posted in Web on Sunday, January 8th, 2012 0 Comments

Dominion Over Demons started as a site that I was going to build a multi-game guild with but ended up only being used for World of Warcraft. Powered by Joomla the skin is not my design but a modified version of another template. This project I focused more on working with PHP and modifying Joomla to work best for my needs. I removed most of the SQL "junk" that a guild would not need to know as well as a few fields that felt too intrusive.

I do not take credit over any of the design but I do, however, take credit for the way joomla runs and the mods that I placed to customize it to my specific needs. The time period was not long to place forth all the mods, but this project was worked on for over 5 months before I was able to decide upon using Joomla as the sites core.

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