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Posted in App on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 0 Comments

Local Armory is a project that I started to test my abilites with a few newer ideas. This project tested my abilites from php by using SQL, XML, and various other media files. The goal of the project was to build a web tool for my guild website that would pull directly from the games data and place it in a different format suitable. Once the first test was finished and I was happy with the results I decided to take it a step further and turn my project into something that every guild would be able to take advantage of for their own website.

The final version of this product will include my own person admin panel that is also being used on a few other sites I developed and will also have a full installer/uninstaller so that the users can easily get the tool up and running on their site in only a few minutes. This is also the first project that I began to understand and use SQL with PHP in, giving users a full advantage of how the tool looks by changing the color scheme and a few other visuals. SQL also provides a safer alternate to XML (but if your sites does not offer a SQL you also can take advantage of using an XML instead).

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